2016 Environmenntal Program Grants

Grants paid during 2016
Including Payment for Grants Awarded in Prior Years

Dogwood Alliance $25,000
Asheville, NC
One-time grant to launch a campaign to elevate as a national conservation priority the protection of America’s wetland forests, a largely unrecognized and underappreciated landscape type that plays numerous important environmental roles and spreads over nine states. The campaign includes an effort to secure $10 million in corporate conservation funding for forested wetland protection.
(Second payment of a $75,000 grant)

New England Forestry Foundation $20,000
Littleton, MA
One-time grant to refine, rollout, replicate, and promote a new planned giving strategy, a model Pooled Income fund for forestland, as an innovative vehicle to accelerate the pace of land protection and to promote exemplary forest management practices.
(Second payment of a $70,000 grant)

Rocky Mountain Institute $20,000
Boulder, CO
One-time grant to support their Fleet Electrification Project aimed at increasing the use of electric vehicles by fleets of light-duty business vehicles (e.g. taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc.)   This project seeks to overcome the three primary obstacles to fleet electrification: sticker-shock, range anxiety and charging infrastructure worries, and financing by piloting solutions in Austin and Denver.
(Second payment of a $70,000 grant)

Solstice Initiative $30,000
Somerville, MA
Seed funding to support a new non-profit organization dedicated to advancing community solar (the solar energy version of a CSA-Community Supported Agriculture) to make solar available to the 80 percent of Americans who are currently locked out of it because they rent and/or live in buildings unsuitable for solar installations. Their model will be refined and expanded in Massachusetts and then brought to other states.
(Second payment of a $90,000 grant)

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