2011 Mental Health Program Grants

Grants Paid During 2011
Including Payments for Grants Awarded in Prior Years

Center for Collegiate Mental Health $15,000
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
One-time grant for the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, housed and operated under the
sponsorship of Penn State University, to expand its infrastructure and capacity and develop a sustainable business plan in order to become a full-fledged nonprofit capable of continually improving collegiate mental health.
(Second payment of a $70,000 grant)

Community Solutions (Fr. Common Ground) $30,000
New York, NY
One-time grant to nationally disseminate the successful “Street to Home” process for addressing the housing needs of the chronic homeless to 50-55 communities across the country that reported to HUD the presence of at least 1,000 chronically homeless residents by providing them comprehensive technical assistance on implementing the model. 175-200 secondary sites will receive basic instruction on replicating the process via an online open source platform.
(Final payment of a $55,000 grant)

Darkness to Light $30,000
Charleston, SC
One-time grant to launch, in partnership with Stop It Now! a national movement against child sexual abuse. Leadership will be provided to advance child abuse prevention through national policy mandates and funding. A model for the cooperative development and distribution of prevention programs will be provided and additional resources for movement building will be leveraged.
(Second payment of a $85,000 grant)

Partners Healing Children after Trauma $30,000
St. John’s University
New York, NY
One-time grant for Project CONNECT (Community Networks Negotiating Evaluations and Counseling for Trauma) to link mental health practitioners and local libraries to provide youth with mental health assessments and therapy delivered at local branch libraries.
(Second payment of a $80,000 grant)





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