Officers and Directors

H. Anthony Ittleson
Chairman and President

Pamela Syrmis
Vice President

Andrew Auchincloss

H. Philip Ittleson

Stephanie Ittleson

Christina Ittleson Smith

Victor Talbot, M.D.

Anthony C. Wood
Secretary and Executive Director

Henry P. Davison, II

Annual Report

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The Foundation annually alternates its new grantmaking between its Mental Health, AIDS and Environmental program areas. In 2018, the Foundation will be making new grants in the Mental Health and AIDS program areas. In 2019, the Foundation will be making grants in the Environmental program area. Grants will be made at the Fall meeting. Initial letters of inquiry must be received before September 1, 2018. more....

Contact Us / Inquiries

Please address inquiries to:
Anthony C. Wood
Executive Director
Ittleson Foundation, Inc.
15 East 67th Street
New York, NY 10065
(212) 794-2008